Openly Straight – The Playlist

So a fan of Openly Straight made me this playlist. It’s really, as he describes, a soundtrack for Ben and Rafe’s relationship.

So with a huge thank you to Ethan Letter, here is that soundtrack. Enjoy!

“Untouchable” — Luna Halo

“Goodnight and Go” — Imogen Heap


“Things I’ll Never Say” — Avril Lavigne


“Gravity” — Sara Bareilles


“Everblue” — Mandy Moore


“Mother We Just Can’t Get Enough” — New Radicals


“Kill! Kill! Kill!” — The Pierces


“Holland” — Sufjan Stevens


“Save You” — Kelly Clarkson


“I Want Someone Badly” — Jeff Buckley


“Dream On” — Depeche Mode


“What if You” — Joshua Radin

“Stolen” — Dashboard Confessional


“Make You Feel My Love” — Adele


“Someone to Die For” — Jimmy Gnecco & Brian May


“Give You Back” — Vertical Horizon


“Save Me” — Hanson

Beautiful Man” — Lori McKenna

“Back to December” — Taylor Swift

No copyright infringement intended. All credit for all videos go to the copyright holders.

What do you think? What songs did the book make you think about? 

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