I get soooo many emails asking me: what happens to Ben after Openly Straight? Do he and Rafe get back together? Will he ever come out? Is he going to be okay?

It’s no secret to those of you who visit this website regularly, or who read the comments on the “Ask Bill” page, that there’s been a significant amount of clamoring for a sequel to Openly Straight. Some of that clamoring has come with threats of bodily harm if I do not write one. Some has been kinder than that.

I want to say, up front, that it was never my intention to write more about these characters. I felt that the story was about Rafe’s personal growth, and that at the end, he’s grown in some ways. Game over. What I didn’t understand, though, is that the central romance of the novel is, for many readers, the main attraction. For those readers, the story feels … unfinished. I understand that now.


There is nothing official to report, But–

I am toying around with the idea of a sequel to Openly Straight.

It would be from Ben’s perspective, and it would cover the second semester of the year at Natick.

That’s all for now. I just thought some of you would be happy to know that.

Later, people!



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10 Responses to Ben

  1. mrisomwrites says:


  2. Larry Jensen says:


  3. Jason Tarant says:

    And you, sir, just made my night. Thank you.

  4. Bob C says:

    I see your point and was comfortable with the way you ended it. However, I would be interested in a sequel that would their finding a friendship level that they could both feel comfortable in. While we know a lot about Ben, I think that he is pretty clearly bi at most and loves his family and knowing many old Yankees from NH I suspect that would be a stretch to marry a man. Yet, NH does have gay marriage which is changing things. Who knows?

  5. I just read the book and I’m in tears. My heart feels like a chew toy after it’s been attacked by my golden retriever. I went through something similar to what happened between Ben and Rafe a couple of years ago, and I’m still not over it. It’s kind of a long story. I haven’t connected with a book this much in a while. Thank you for writing it. Hoping the sequel pushes through.

  6. Francis Atendido says:

    Yes! I’m glad I came to check your website out!!!!!!

  7. X says:

    Yes! There’s definitely still a big chunk of room left to uncover Ben’s character. I’m so curious to see how he’ll grow and if he figures out his own identity.

  8. Brittany says:

    Oh dear. I just finished rereading this book for the fourth time in two months, and this news has absolutely made my week. No, my month. Okay, my whole damn year.

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