2nd Edition of Out of the Pocket: Now an e-book!


The second edition of the 2009 Lambda Literary Award-winning Out of the Pocket is now available in e-book format!

The new version, released earlier this year in paperback, has a foreward by Chris Kluwe and an afterword by Jim Buzinski of Outsports, plus two new chapters by me. The e-book is priced to sell at $6.99.

Go! Get one! Now!

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5 Responses to 2nd Edition of Out of the Pocket: Now an e-book!

  1. Delayne Corle says:

    I’m so pleased to hear this! I’m going to submit a purchase request to my local library. 🙂


      • Delayne Corle says:

        Just to doublecheck – the ebook version IS available for libraries to purchase? I ran into a problem with that with another book I recommended for purchase. I’m trying to recommend books with LGBTQ characters or history – both for my personal enjoyment AND because I’m volunteering at Indiana Youth Group – at 25 years old, it’s the oldest organization serving LGBTQ teens (ages 12-20) in the country. They also have a print library at IYG – I volunteered to organize the books, but don’t havethe funds to purchase a copy for them. (I do my damnedest to volunteer my time, effort, and word of mouth advertising for organizations since I can’t give money – I definitely get more out of it than i give

      • Delayne Corle says:

        This might be an odd request – ignore it if it’s too off-the-wall – but I’d like to gather a list of books with LGBTQ characters in them. They’re hard to find in public libraries, since they don’t include LGBT among the subjectslisted on catalog cards. I wondered if you and the members of your list might be willing to share titles they know. I’d really like to make a list for Indiana Youth Group so the teens can find books with characters who have something in common with them. I grew up feeling invisible in literature. The library was my favorite place, but I never found a book with LGBT characters there. I want teens today to feel a sense of community even in fiction and fantasy – it makes a difference.

        So, any book suggestions are helpful – any LGBT characters or LGBT allies, and they don’t have to be the main characters. Anything from children’s books through adult literature is fine – fiction or nonfiction.

        Apologies for hijacking your feed – DO delete if it’s rude or inappropriate. 🙂


      • bkonigsberg says:

        Thanks for the note! One of the best resources for LGBTQ characters in YA novels is Malinda Lo’s website. Another would be Lee Wind’s website. It’s a growing list, and it’s hard to keep track of it, but that’s a good problem to have! And yes,the ebook is available.

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