My first email from a teen in India!

I got a delightful email from a teen in India the other day. This really made me happy! Openly Straight was nearly published in India, but in the end it was decided that too many of the allusions in the book would not translate. Maybe that wasn’t so?

Hey Bill…I Am 17 And From India…I Read Openly Straight In August…And It Has Some Reference From India…Trust Me…When I Read The Word India…I Literally Jumped On My Bed…I Was Like How…How Does He Know That Boys And Boys And Girls And Girls Actually Hold Hands Walking Down The Street…Have You Ever Been Here…?? Cause It Is A Minute Detail Of Indian Culture…Though I Never Hold My Best Friends Hand Walking On Streets…It Is Much Common In Smaller Towns…But Yeah The Fact, I Must Say, Is Correct…Now…How I Got Into Reading Your Book…It Is A Funny Story…I Had Ordered Some Books From Amazon…And Accidently Or I Don’t Know What That Delivery Man Was Doing…I Got This Book As Well…I Knew It Was Someone Else’s But Had Already Opened It…I Read The Description…A Very Very Different Story…And I Love Diversity…So I Returned The Book To The Person Who Had Ordered It…And I Ordered One For Myself…And I Read It…Very Different Story…I Must Say…And I Read On Many Sites Many People Saying That The Ending Is A Little Abrubt..But I Did Not Find It Abrubt…I Mean Come On…This Is How Our Life Is…Things Are Changing Constantly…But I Know A Sequel Is  Coming…So I Am Pretty Excited For It…So…Just Wanted To Tell You…I Enjoyed The Book Very Much…And I Would Love It If You Reply…

I did reply, as I always do, even if it takes me a week to get to it. I love feeling connected to people across the world. It really reminds me how similar we all are!

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