I’ve been keeping a secret from all of you. It was a little naughty, actually, but what can you do?

For everyone who has been asking when they can read more Rafe and Ben, I’ve been saying, “March 28. Honestly Ben.”

That’s true, but. The actual answer is this:


Yes! A free gift for y’all!

Openly, Honestly will be available as an e-book on Tuesday, February 28. You can get your Rafe and Ben fix then, and that will lead you directly into Honestly Ben, which comes, as I’ve told you, a month later.

Here’s an OPENLY, HONESTLY synopsis: NOT written by me, as it would be pretty ballsy for me to use the word “beautiful” in a synopsis of something I wrote.

Rafe Goldberg was planning to spend winter break at home in Colorado openly mourning what he almost had with Ben. He wasn’t expecting his best friend, Claire Olivia, to kidnap him. And he definitely wasn’t expecting what she has planned to cheer him up…

Ben Carver was honestly planning to spend winter break at home in New Hampshire not thinking about Rafe. But he wasn’t expecting to run into his ex-girlfriend, who’s still interested in him. And he wasn’t expecting to find himself still attracted to her…

Openly, Honestly tells two funny, sad, beautiful stories that were made for anyone who has longed for one person to see you, to understand you, and to love you exactly as you are.

For more information and download links, click here. Enjoy!

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5 Responses to OPENLY, HONESTLY!

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  2. James Lucas Lato Pantorilla says:

    Yo, I loved the previous books of these two boys coming to terms with themselves and dealing with how the world reacts to them. There are little bits of wisdom here and there that made me think. It also helped me being honest with myself and others. Finally,It helped understand a bit about others coming out. My question is when is Openly, Honestly coming out? I can’t wait to read the continuation of this hilarious story.

  3. Jess Lee says:

    These books have now become my all time favourite series. Being a teenager myself, it’s cool to see a some what emotional book, from the perspective of two young boys. It’s a heart warming novel, I think everyone should take the time to read, 10/10 recommend to all people of all ages, especially teenagers 🙂

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