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For the (LGBTQ) Kids

A shout out to my young fans… I’ve been thinking about you this morning! Thinking about the incredible strength and courage I see on a daily basis, in the emails you send me. You’re choosing to be authentically you in … Continue reading

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The Mankind Project

I’ve recently joined a group called The Mankind Project. What I first heard about this group, the thing that intrigued me was the idea that in our society, there are no rites of passage for men, outside of gangs and … Continue reading

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The Blog Post That Will Get Me Shunned

I haven’t been posting to this blog recently. That’s not to say I haven’t been writing. I just haven’t been … publishing. Lotsa drafts abandoned, unpublished. The reason: I have been feeling as though the LGBTQ movement is passing me … Continue reading

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Writing and Passion

I’m gonna let you in on a little secret: For a little while there, I think I lost my passion to write and to change the world. If I had to choose a timeframe, I’d say from about November of … Continue reading

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Ben and Bisexuality

I get emails. I am mostly getting emails from readers of HONESTLY BEN right now, but this one comes from the UK, from someone who is currently reading OPENLY STRAIGHT still. Nonetheless, it brings up an interesting issue: bisexual erasure. I’ll … Continue reading

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Openly Straight e-book for $0.99!

Want to read Openly Straight before Honestly Ben comes out tomorrow? Download it for just $0.99 today only at eBookDaily!  

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HONESTLY BEN: 4 Surprising Things

Honestly Ben comes out in one week! I can’t wait, mostly because after that date, no one can ever again write me an email or tweet me that they hate me for how I ended Openly Straight. Now they can … Continue reading

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