School Visits

Want Bill to come visit your school in person or via Skype/Google Hangout? He’s happy to do so! To arrange an event or learn more about pricing, contact Danielle Yadao at

Packages and Topics:

Full-or-half day packages for high schools, middle schools and colleges are available. Any combination of the following is possible:

  • Assembly/Talk on writing a novel
  • Assembly/Talk on being openly gay in the world of professional sports
  • Assembly/Talk on the major changes in the world of LGBTQ young adult fiction in the past decade
  • Discussions and readings of my novels
  • Journalism class visits (life of a journalist, covering sporting events, good and bad leads)
  • Creative writing workshop
  • Q&A sessions for groups of interested students
  • GSA Group Planning and Talk Sessions
  • English class visits

A half-day program includes as many as three programs. A full-day program includes up to five, including an evening reading/signing and/or meet-and-greet.

Bill also is available for Skype visits. He offers an in-depth visit of 45-60 minutes for $75. Contact Bill directly at if you have questions or wish to schedule a Skype visit.


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