Destination Unknown

COMING September 6, 2022!

The first thing I noticed about C.J. Gorman was his plexiglass bra.

It’s 1987 in New York City, and Micah is at a dance club, trying to pretend he’s more out and outgoing than he really is. C.J. isn’t just out — he’s completely out there, and Micah can’t help but be both attracted to and afraid of someone who travels so loudly and proudly through the night.

A connection occurs. Is it friendship? Romance? Is C.J. the one with all the answers . . . or does Micah bring more to the relationship than it first seems? As their lives become more and more entangled in the AIDS epidemic that’s laying waste to their community, and the AIDS activism that will ultimately bring a strong voice to their demands, whatever Micah and C.J. have between them will be tested, stretched, and strained — but it will also be a lifeline in a time of death, a bond that will determine the course of their futures.

In Destination Unknown, Bill Konigsberg returns to a time he knew well as a teenager to tell a story of identity, connection, community, and survival in all its heartbreaking, funny, sexy, complicated glory.

Early Praise for Destination Unknown:

  • “A tour de force…historical fiction at its finest.” —Kirkus Reviews (starred review)
  • “The arguable best of Konigsberg’s excellent novels, and that’s high praise, indeed.” —Booklist (starred review)
  • “Konigsberg’s keen sense of time and place, coupled with an optimistic atmosphere, make for both a swoony romance, and a sensitive nuanced look into a tumultuous period in history.” —Publisher’s Weekly
  • “Bill Konigsberg’s DESTINATION UNKNOWN masterfully takes us back to one of the most difficult chapters in queer history with the kind of astounding specificity that comes from lived experience. The book is a beautiful account of the way hope, love and connection will bloom even in the darkest of times. It’s a love story, a celebration of queer resilience and a must read.” —Abdi Nazemian, author of Stonewall Honor book Like a Love Story