Who the hell is Bill Konigsberg?

So suffice it to say things are happening for Openly Straight! Today it was announced that the novel is a YALSA Teens’ Top Ten nominee. The list of kudos for Openly Straight is a bit surreal and mind boggling to me, and it makes me think, you know, maybe I can stop relying solely on… Read more »

Derrick Gordon: Out!

The family keeps growing. This morning, Outsports published a beautiful article in which UMass shooting guard Derrick Gordon came out as gay, becoming the first Division I men’s basketball player to come out. My first thought as I read the article was that Gordon is very brave and he sounds like someone I’d really like. The… Read more »

“It gets rather lonely in the closet…”

I got a comment on my blog this morning that is really more of a letter, and it’s haunting me. I am going to post the entire letter (which is BEAUTIFULLY written, oh my God), and then I’m going to respond as best I can. —- Hey Bill, It’s 2:30 in the morning where I… Read more »

And the writer doesn’t sleep because…

This is one of those rare periods where I am actively involved in four projects. I am re-reading, for the first time in years, Out of the Pocket, so that I may add a chapter or two to the paperback, which I am self-publishing in April. I am actively living Openly Straight. In a couple… Read more »

My wild and crazy gay wedding

As many of you know, Chuck and I got married a few months ago. We had already been civil unionized, or whatever the correct term is, seven years earlier. So we went small. No huge party or anything. In fact, we had another author (Famous Author Rob Byrnes) do the ceremony with us in Central… Read more »

Coming Soon: Out of the Pocket, THE PAPERBACK!

I have probably been asked a thousand times in the last year about what’s going on with Out of the Pocket. Just when Openly Straight came out, just when scads of new readers wanted to get their hands on Out of the Pocket, which won the 2009 Lambda Literary Award in the Children’s/Young Adult category,… Read more »

Showering with the Gays, Take II

I was sitting around a fire pit with a group of straight men I consider brothers last night. Two of them, at separate times, brought up their thoughts to me about Michael Sam’s recent coming out. Neither of these friends are monsters. Not in the least. One is one of the kindest, gentlest, most liberal-leaning men… Read more »