Book Brain

Today I am suffering from the affliction my husband has named “Book Brain.” This affliction occurs when I am so deep inside the creative process of novel writing that I don’t fully emerge. I become just about impossible to be around, as I wish to drag anyone and everyone back in to the fictional world… Read more »

Coming Soon: THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT! Blog Series

I know I haven’t blogged yet in 2014. Sorry about that. I’ve been really busy on a revision of The Porcupine of Truth, my next novel. This one’s a humdinger. The one thing I will say about it is that I have upped the degree of difficulty with this book, really challenging myself. I hope… Read more »

The (Half) Year of Openly Straight

I get Google Alerts. Every time somebody mentions me online, I get an alert. It’s way narcissistic. It’s like, “Tell me more about me, Google!” One of my thousands of New Year’s Resolutions for 2014 is to become the opposite of a narcissist. I’m gonna be like Father Teresa, basically, and feed and clothe the… Read more »

Thoughts on my friend Ned Vizzini

In the five days since my friend Ned Vizzini committed suicide, I haven’t been able to look at the cover of Openly Straight. I just haven’t wanted to pick it up. At one point I was cleaning and I had to move a copy from one room to another, and I covered it with another… Read more »

Openly Straight – The Ending

Okay. So I get lots of feedback on Openly Straight. I get it via email, I see it online on blogs and on reviews on sites like Goodreads and Amazon. The one aspect that is discussed more than any other is the ending. Now I promise: no spoilers here. Well, that’s not exactly true. I will… Read more »

The kind of review that makes me smile

I felt like sharing a delightful review of Openly Straight this morning… this comes from author Nyrae Dawn, who rights ridiculously popular novels for young adults and new adults. She is on my list of authors to read. Check her out here… My favorite sentence: Have you ever read a book and wondered, WHY ISN’T… Read more »

Love the sinner, hate the sin

So I was sitting with a friend of mine the other day at the dog park. He is a straight male I’ve known for six months or so, and we were having a doggie date. His Frasier, a Cockapoo, and my Mabel, a Labradoodle, were playing, or more like Mabel was chasing other dogs and… Read more »

The Crazy White Lady and the Man of Iron

I am friends with the crazy white lady. About a year and a half ago, I went to a Chinese buffet in Chandler, Arizona, for lunch one day. I was seated in a booth and told that Lisa would be my server. I admit it. I’m a snob. You know how sometimes a theater director… Read more »

Some undeniable truths about you (and me)

OK kids, this morning I feel like sharing (read: oversharing) a bit with y’all. You see, today I fly home after 18 (18! Yikes!) days on the road. The last time I was home with my dog Mabel, she was a zygote. She is going to jump all over me and then give me so… Read more »