“Marry Me Bill…”

Seven years ago, in September of 2006, Chuck and I had a civil union in Stowe, Vermont. As Chuck eloquently put it (think Ben in Openly Straight), the civil union meant we were nearly married, any time we happened to be in Vermont.  This was us seven years ago at the ceremony.   Seven years… Read more »

My 16-year-old self’s biggest nightmare

I spoke at a great school on Friday. Sunrise Mountain High School in Las Vegas, with fellow authors Katie McGarry and Hannah Harrington. We did four talks in the auditorium, 80 minutes each. It went really well. The kids were fun, asked good questions. Around the third session, however, I realized what was happening. I… Read more »

Look at this, it’s SO AWFUL!

I like to surf the web in the morning. It’s just a thing I do. I like to know what’s going on politically, in sports, in the LGBTQ world, with my friends on Facebook and Twitter. I’ve noticed a trend recently. And this isn’t a new phenomenon by any stretch; it’s just I’m noticing it… Read more »

Upcoming School Visit: Kennesaw State University

I have a bunch of great trips upcoming. For more information on where I’ll be, check out my tour page. Today I want to highlight one visit that I’m especially excited to make: Kennesaw State in Georgia. In 2009, I visited Kennesaw with Laurie Halse Anderson and Ned Vizzini. This time, I’ll be making the… Read more »

Los Angeles Teen Book Fest

So I’m off to LA for the Los Angeles Teen Book Fest!   This promises to be a great day of events. I mean, look at that list of authors! I’m especially excited to see my friends Ned Vizzini (It’s Kind of a Long Story) and Andrew Smith (Winger). I’ve worked with Ned once before,… Read more »

R U Coming Out?

I was interviewed recently for a terrific site called rucomingout.com.  It made me think about stuff I don’t think about that much anymore, now that I’m a bit, shall we say, older… It reminded me of just how hard it is to take those first steps.  I get emails all the time from people who… Read more »

Laverne Cox – Possibility Model

I loved Orange is the New Black… the Netflix series. I “binge watched” the show in about four days, and I thought it was brilliant. Indeed, several actresses from the show have stayed with me in the months since I watched the show. Uzo Aduba, who played “Crazy Eyes,” was my favorite character. I cannot… Read more »

Hamsters, Jet Lag, and Viagra

I’m sitting here at the airport with nothing to do, so naturally my thoughts have turned to hamsters, and what happens when they travel. This is a re-post of an oldie-but-goodie, one of my favorite posts from my old blog, Waldorf to Your Astoria. The original link is here. I’ll cut and paste below, too…. Read more »

Coming to a city near you…

I’ve updated my “tour” page with several more dates this fall, winter and spring. I’m also negotiating a few more possibilities in other cities, so keep checking back! If you want me to visit your high school, university, GSA, book club, library, local bookstore, civic group, you name it, please feel free to visit my… Read more »

Gay Panic, and Other Stuff That is So 1995

I just got finished not watching the Comedy Central roast of James Franco. I didn’t watch it, because I’ve seen other roasts, and I know that they are sometimes funny, always mean, and littered with jokes about men having sex with other men. I have also seen “This Is The End,” a Seth Rogen movie… Read more »