The Boy Who Cried Cry

I have a writerly tic. It showed up in early drafts of Out of the Pocket, and to a lesser degree in Openly Straight. It is happening big time as I finish the first draft of my newest novel, The Porcupine of Truth. My protagonists tend to cry a lot. They also tend to hug… Read more »

10 Tips on How to Find (and Keep) Your Ben

When I was 18, I was in a performance of “The Normal Heart” at Oberlin College. Larry Kramer, the author and one of my idols at the time, came to see it. “You’re a cute kid,” he said to me after, when I went up to fawn over him. “Find a boyfriend. Fall in love.”… Read more »

Teen review of Openly Straight

Here is a new favorite review of Openly Straight by Daniel, a 17-year-old from the south who, based on his new blog, is on the verge of coming out. Nothing makes me happier than when a teen finds something in one of my books that speaks to him/her. Truly. I have trouble not smiling on… Read more »

Two starred Reviews for Openly Straight!

The Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books loved Openly Straight! The result is our second “starred” review. The first came from Booklist. I assumed I had blogged about that review, as it was the most beautiful review a book of mine has ever received, but as I look back I see no evidence of… Read more »

Openly YA Tour – The Recap

Thanks to Publisher’s Weekly, we have a great recap (along with some terrific photos) of the Openly YA Tour! And also, this picture. Yes, that would be me prancercizing with Alex London, Aaron Hartzler, and A.S. King. Rob Dougherty at Clinton Book Shop requested it, and who were we to say no?  Actually it was… Read more »

Openly YA!

So today is the launch of the Openly YA Tour! For those of you wondering, this means “Openly Young Adult.” Several friends who are not aficionados of young adult literature have wondered what “Ya!” means, which has led me to imagine a North Dakota schoolmarm saying these words about a gay fellow in a sentence,… Read more »

Thank You

I got in my pool about a half hour ago. I’m heading off to New York later today, and it was going to be my last chance to take a swim for a while. I was struggling with a scene in my novel-in-progress, and, admittedly a little frustrated, I decided to change the scenery and… Read more »

Writerly Words of Encouragement

So once in a while, I get a request for some words of encouragement for a writer. I almost always do it, because I know what it feels like to need encouragement. A week or so ago, I got a message from a relative I had not met before. She sounded very nice, and she… Read more »

(Pride) In the Name of Love!

It’s Gay Pride month, and three writer friends and I are about to take off on our Openly YA tour next week. It has me thinking about something I was taught when I was in college. It’s about the different levels of “acceptance” of LGBT people. I wrote about it in Openly Straight: “It’s hard… Read more »

“While everyone…

“While everyone was talking, I wandered back over to the tofu pig. It looked real, unless you got up really close to it. Then you could see: It was very much not. Up close, you could see how the artist molded the tofu, and the places where there were cracks in the pigskin. You could… Read more »