To Come Out, or Not to Come Out

To come out, or not to come out. That is the question. I hear from middle school, high school and college students all the time, wanting advice about whether they should come out to their friends and family. It’s such a complicated question without a simple answer, and I try – to the best of… Read more »


The question I hear most frequently as a writer is, “How do you overcome writer’s block?” There are two answers to that question. One is my tried-and-true, ‘do-as-I-say-not-as-do’ answer: “Give yourself permission to write poorly. Stay at the computer and type. Stop judging what’s coming out, and sooner or later, the right words will come… Read more »

Openly Straight

One day a couple years ago, while living in Billings, Montana, and struggling to write a new novel called Openly Straight, I went to play some racquetball. I went to the Billings Athletic Club, the almost-always empty gym where I sometimes attempted to work out. Around lunch time, a group of middle-aged men would get… Read more »

Coming of Age in NYC, 1987

OK. Pretend it’s 1987. George Michael wants to be your father figure. Bill Cosby is America’s favorite dad. And a 6-foot-1, 135 pound, acne-riddled geek named Billy Konigsberg sits alone in a corner of the hallway at Riverdale Country School, scribbling lines in a notebook. He is miserable. He wants to die. Sometimes he sits… Read more »