Gratitude for the debacle of 2016

Quite the year, eh? If you’ve been anywhere on social media recently, you’ve most certainly been inundated with “F*** You, 2016” posts. When I see them, I laugh. It reminds me how similar we all are. It was challenging, when Debbie Reynolds died a day after Carrie Fisher, two days after George Michael, in the… Read more »

Merry Happy Christmas Holidays!

From my family to you and yours… We wish you a Merry Christmas, or a Happy Hannukah, or a Happy Kwanzaa, or a Terrific Festivus, or whatever it is you like to celebrate at this time of you. In my family, we celebrated Christmas even though we were Jewish. The wonderful song you will hear,… Read more »

First review for HONESTLY BEN!

Here it is, the very first review for HONESTLY BEN, the forthcoming companion to OPENLY STRAIGHT! The book will come out in March of 2017. And maybe, if you’re nice, just maybe, there may be a bit of a surprise for you OPENLY STRAIGHT fans that will come before the new book! I’ll say no… Read more »

Open Letter to Senators McCain, Flake

I have not written a blog entry since Donald Trump won the election last week. That’s not exactly true. I’ve written a couple times, but haven’t pressed send. I simply don’t seem to know exactly what to say. But then Trump chose Steve Bannon as his chief strategist, and my silence had to come to… Read more »

“Put the bottle between your legs…”

Our visit to a Scottsdale restaurant that has delicious food and attracts a pretty old, conservative crowd started awfully, but ended beautifully on Saturday night. Walking in to the restaurant (I won’t name it because I don’t now if the owners would want me to) for an early birthday dinner (I turn 46 in less than… Read more »

A Moderate Plea to Undecideds

It’s political season, and I was hoping to get through without a single political blog post, but that isn’t going to happen. I’ve decided to write this because I think this is perhaps the single most important election of my lifetime, and I want to take the time to speak to my undecided friends, fans,… Read more »

The Radical Moderate

There was a time when I considered myself a radical. It was late high school, early college. An incurable disease was destroying a generation of gay men, and ACT UP had just formed in New York. I was young, but I felt the anger, too, right in the pit of my stomach. They don’t care… Read more »

Let Me Help You Write a Novel!

Do you have a Young Adult novel that you’re dying to write? I can help you with that! So can instructors Tom Leveen, Barry Lyga, Amy Nichols, and Beth Staples. So can mentors Elana K. Arnold, Jim Blasingame, Martha Brockenbrough, Sharon Flake, Karen Harrington, Varian Johnson, Tom Leveen, Kimberley Griffiths Little, Barry Lyga, Lish McBride, Amy… Read more »

Me and the FacePlace – A divorce?

  It was two years ago at my 25th high school reunion. A woman who was never exactly a friend came up to me and said, “Oh my God, Billy, I see you on Facebook and you’re doing so well in life! That’s amazing, because, back then, well… ” She then paused and rolled her… Read more »

Serenity NOW!

I started to watch “Happyish” on Netflix. The script was very good. But what became evident to me by episode 3 was the worldview… so ugly. The world sucks. People are awful. I had to stop watching, because I don’t want to feel hopeless, and right now things in our society feel a little, well,… Read more »