Text of My Stonewall Book Award Speech

People have been asking for the text of my Stonewall Book Award speech at the American Library Association Conference in Orlando, Florida, earlier today. Here you go! — Thank you so much. Thank you to those on the Stonewall Award committee. I was blown away to learn about this honor, especially in a year with… Read more »

The Porcupine of Truth e-book on sale!

So let’s say… you’re one of those people who LOVED Openly Straight, but for some odd reason you haven’t picked up The Porcupine of Truth yet.First off, why? What the heck? What could you possess you to do such a silly thing? But most importantly, today you can remedy that. In honor of Gay Pride… Read more »

The Scoliosis Couch and Microwaved Peeps

I wrote a sentence this morning that made me smile: “We draped ourselves across the Scoliosis couch and devoured microwaved Peeps.” It made me smile because it reminded me of something I have been thinking about recently, and I thought it would make a good online writing lesson. The subject: specificity. I want to take you… Read more »

Tears of the Clowns

Yesterday I visited a terrific middle school in Washington State. This is the first year they have an “Equality Club,” thusly named because the principal mandated that the name not include any of the letters associated with LGB or T. I walked into a library where 20 smiling kids sat around, slumped on couches, braiding… Read more »

The Weirdest Writer’s Block Ever…

I’m aware that it’s been more than a month since I posted, and I left readers on a bit of a cliffhanger with my last post. I’m sorry for anyone who was worried about me after reading that. I’m okay now. What I just went through was one of the most … disruptive events of… Read more »

The Week of the Gangrene

I’m sitting in a coffee shop (Chuck drove me! I’m out of the house for the first time!) and I’m just … crying. It’s strange to be crying in a coffee shop. I went into the back where there was an empty seat, but then I immediately realized I wanted to be out by the… Read more »

The Porcupine with Its Sticker

I love how the Stonewall Book Award sticker looks on The Porcupine of Truth! The paperback will be released on Aug. 30, just in time for the school year. I’m available for Skype visits with classes that read the book… just email me at bkonigsberg@gmail.com to set something up!


So THE PORCUPINE OF TRUTH has won the Stonewall Book Award! Thank you so very much to the GLBT Round Table of the American Library Association, for choosing the Porcupine. Thank you to my family, which has supported me when I’m unbearable while writing a novel, and when I’m slightly less unbearable when it is published. Thank… Read more »

Starting a Novel

The hardest thing about starting a new novel is everything. -Which of the 20 ideas that have been floating around in my head is the one I want to focus on for the next year or so? -Once I choose one, who the hell are these characters? -What the hell is going to happen to… Read more »

An Update on Honestly Ben

I constantly get emails and messages asking the same question: when will we see HONESTLY BEN? Sadly I don’t have an exact date yet. I can tell you that I just turned in a revision I am really happy with, and I am quite sure fans of Rafe and Ben will be excited to get… Read more »