The Porcupine of Truth – The Playlist

When I want to feel closer to Carson and Aisha, I play this playlist, which tells the story of The Porcupine of Truth pretty nicely. The retro feel of this is pretty much in line with Carson and Aisha’s eclectic tastes, and a couple of the songs are actually featured in the novel. 1. I… Read more »

The Launch of the Porcupine!

What a great time I had at Changing Hands last night! It was the launch of THE PORCUPINE OF TRUTH, and a great crowd showed up for a fun night that included more than just books … cookies! Yes, a friend of the folks at Changing Hands made great sugar cookies that were as delicious… Read more »

If the chain restaurants were in high school…

This is what I do on airplanes when I can’t seem to get any editing or writing done on my novel… If the Chain Restaurants Were All in High School By Bill Konigsberg McDonalds: Most popular kid in school since Kindergarten despite not being good at any one thing. Popularity slipping as of late. Burger… Read more »

The first few pages of Porcupine!

Less than two weeks until THE PORCUPINE OF TRUTH hits the shelves, and I’m so excited! To whet your appetite, here are the first three pages. If you want more, check out the excerpts available on Amazon! —– The Billings Zoo has no animals. Fewer than twenty-four hours ago, I was standing in Gray’s Papaya… Read more »

Openly Straight Gets a Sequel!

So here’s the news I’ve been dying to share for the past, oh, four months: A sequel to OPENLY STRAIGHT is on its way! It’s called HONESTLY BEN, and it picks up right after where the first book left off. The catch: it’s Ben’s story of second semester at Natick, not Rafe’s. This novel is really… Read more »

Bill Konigsberg, Trevor Project Champion

This is me at 14 years old. I was called Billy back then. Billy was a sad boy. It was right around this time that I began to understand that my attraction was toward males and not females. I didn’t understand much about it. I had no idea that there were millions of people experiencing… Read more »

First trade reviews for The Porcupine of Truth

So far,  The Porcupine of Truth has received three reviews. Two of them are starred reviews, from Booklist and School Library Journal, and the third is a very nice review from Kirkus! A starred review, according to Publishers Weekly, indicates a book of “outstanding quality.” It appears that perhaps 10 percent of published books receive… Read more »