The Prickly Truth

The thing about writing a book with a porcupine in the title is that you set yourself up to be the butt of a lot of puns. “Sounds prickly,” people like to say, when I tell them that my next novel is called THE PORCUPINE OF TRUTH. “The truth can be prickly.” “What a prick.”… Read more »

Heroes and Villains

“Your main character is whiny.” This is a tough one for me, and it’s a comment I’ve received on a few of my books from both editors and readers. It’s tough because my characters are often parts of me, so it hits close to home. In case you’re wondering why I’m whining about it now…. Read more »

The gratitude game

In Openly Straight, Rafe Goldberg’s family plays a game on Thanksgiving called “The Gratitude Game.” In it, they go around in a circle saying things for which they are grateful. The catch: they only have five seconds to come up with something, they can’t repeat anything, and if they fail, they’re out. The winner is… Read more »

Spiritual and Emotional Pushups

I don’t do well with criticism. There, I said it. Sigh. Load off shoulders. I have all sorts of thoughts and reactions to this, and admitting it to others is hard, because A) it tells toxic people that if they want to get to me, all they need to do is criticize me, and B)… Read more »

First Responders to The Porcupine…

When you’re waiting for the release of a new book, there’s this period that is almost unbearable. It’s about 5-6 months out, and it’s the pre-buzz period. You’ve finally seen the Advanced Reading Copy (ARC) of your book, you’ve gotten maybe a couple blurbs from authors, a few family members have read it. What you… Read more »

How Can I Help Others?

I got another great email this week from a 17-year-old girl from Texas. I wanted to share it along with my answer, in case it is useful to anyone else. —- My name is xxxxxxxxxxxx. I am 17 years old, a junior in high school in Texas, and I’ve also been out as a lesbian… Read more »

The Porcupine of Truth – Cover Reveal!

So here it is: I finally get to share the cover of my next novel with the world! Meet The Porcupine of Truth, to be unveiled to the world in May of 2015. I love this cover! I love the adorable porcupine, I love how he seems to be the center of the universe (because,… Read more »

“From an openly straight fraud…”

Boy oh boy. The terrific, powerful emails keep pouring in. And I hope, by the way, that my answering some of them on my blog will not make those whose emails I don’t answer this way feel like theirs didn’t matter to me; they absolutely matter! If something sparks an idea I want to express… Read more »

Negative Self-Talk and Openly Straight

I love getting emails from readers. Every single one of them touches my heart. And once in a while, I get one that especially moves me. Here’s a note that I really wanted to share. — Dear Mr. Konigsberg I just finished your book and I have to say, what an amazing piece of art. I honestly… Read more »

“What happens after Openly Straight?”

I’m so sorry that I’ve been so bad about blogging recently. I’ve been so busy with writing and editing and a few other projects, and I haven’t made the time. Bad author! Bad author! One amazing thing I’ve noticed has been the incredible uptick in emails about Openly Straight. Even more than when it first… Read more »