Coming Soon: Out of the Pocket, THE PAPERBACK!

I have probably been asked a thousand times in the last year about what’s going on with Out of the Pocket. Just when Openly Straight came out, just when scads of new readers wanted to get their hands on Out of the Pocket, which won the 2009 Lambda Literary Award in the Children’s/Young Adult category, the book seemed to disappear!

Alas, the book did disappear. Dutton Books for Children, which published Out of the Pocket back in 2008, made the decision to take the book out of print last year. I was disappointed, obviously, but I understand that they make tough decisions like this all the time.

The good news: I have obtained the paperback rights for the novel, and it will be published and available as a paperback, hopefully by the end of March!

The book will have a brand new cover, a foreward from a person with great insight into the world of “gays in sports”, and one additional chapter which takes us into the future, so we can find out what happened to Bobby Framingham after the football season ends at Durango High School!

More information (such as price, release date, cover reveal) as it becomes available! I’m so glad the book will once again be available for readers. For now, you may purchase the e-book if you can’t wait the month for the paperback.¬†