Coming Soon: THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT! Blog Series

I know I haven’t blogged yet in 2014. Sorry about that. I’ve been really busy on a revision of The Porcupine of Truth, my next novel. This one’s a humdinger. The one thing I will say about it is that I have upped the degree of difficulty with this book, really challenging myself. I hope readers will decide, when it comes out in 2015, that it was worth it! I think they will!

I am starting a new series on my blog. It’s called THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT, and basically it’s going to be a place for stories of LGBTQ teens who are thriving after coming out. I suppose I want to document the incredible progress that has been made in the last decade by showing out teens, wherever they live, and telling their stories. 

I have interviewed the teen who is the subject of my first story, and I hope to write that and post it very soon. 

These stories will be told in many different ways: sometimes they will be Q&A interviews. Sometimes I’ll have the teen write the story in first person, and sometimes I’ll write the story in 3rd person.

This is where you come in: If you are an out LGBTQ teen, that is. Or if you are close with one. If you or your friend would like to be featured in THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT, please email me at Tell me who you are, and add just a quick few sentences about what makes your story interesting. By interesting, I mean different. What makes your story unique?

One last thing: I’m okay with teens who struggled to come out, and I’m fine with teens who have had struggles after. That’s all fine and to be expected. But I am looking for kids who feel that they have improved their lives by coming out. I am especially interested in keeping these stories diverse, so I’ll be overjoyed to receive story ideas from people of all races, genders, socio-economic backgrounds, religions. Let’s make this great, people!