First trade reviews for The Porcupine of Truth

porcupine cover

So far,  The Porcupine of Truth has received three reviews. Two of them are starred reviews, from Booklist and School Library Journal, and the third is a very nice review from Kirkus!

A starred review, according to Publishers Weekly, indicates a book of “outstanding quality.” It appears that perhaps 10 percent of published books receive a starred review, so I’m very pleased at this early reception to The Porcupine.

Some excerpts from the reviews:

“There are no true villains in the well-developed cast of characters, just people trying to do their best and frequently failing. … Konigsberg weaves together a masterful tale of uncovering the past, finding wisdom, and accepting others as well as oneself.” – SLJ

“Konigsberg (Openly Straight, 2013) employs a colorful style (a day is “warm, like bread just out of the oven,” and Carson’s new room is “like a remote bunker where people store their afterthoughts”) and crafts fascinating, multidimensional teen and adult characters. A friendship between a straight boy and a lesbian is relatively rare in YA fiction and is, accordingly, exceedingly welcome. And that’s the truth.” – Booklist (Starred review)

“…the story tackles questions about religion, family, and intimacy with depth and grace. The mystery of Carson’s grandfather is resolved with bittersweet thoroughness, and Aisha’s storyline comes to a hopeful, if also painful, resolution of its own.” -Kirkus

Somewhere out there, a Truth Porcupine is dancing happily down a Wyoming highway. Thanks, reviewers!