If you’re looking for more by or about Bill, look no further.

(Click here for Bill’s old blog, Waldorf to your Astoria!)

An Interview with Bill

PBS Arizona – Books and Co. with Alberto Rios

Written By Bill 

Sports World Still a Struggle for Gays
Out at ESPN
Youppi! Is Gay!
The Dreaded Shower Argument
John Amaechi Comes Out
Writing a Coming Out Story
Review: Edmund White’s “My Lives”
Fantasy Baseball Psychoses

Written About Bill

Interview – Southeast Review
Project Q Interview
Goodreads Reviews Page
Amazon Reviews Page
Gay Group Forced to Leave Church

Out of the Pocket Reviews

Kirkus Review
After Elton
DJ’s Life in Fiction
Book Gazing
Goodreads Page
Amazon Page

Other Media

Speech at Belmont Hill School
A Visit to Allen Stevenson School – Podcast of Speech
Bill Konigsberg on His Name Pronunciation –

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