openly straight

“While everyone…

“While everyone was talking, I wandered back over to the tofu pig. It looked real, unless you got up really close to it. Then you could see: It was very much not. Up close, you could see how the artist molded the tofu, and the places where there were cracks in the pigskin. You could… Read more »


I am a gay man. I am a Colorado Rockies fan. I am a lover of the show Arrested Development. All of these things are labels. Together they paint an (odd) picture of an entire person. Each time I take one out and replace it with another (remove Rockies fan, add Donna Summer) an entirely… Read more »

Openly Straight

One day a couple years ago, while living in Billings, Montana, and struggling to write a new novel called Openly Straight, I went to play some racquetball. I went to the Billings Athletic Club, the almost-always empty gym where I sometimes attempted to work out. Around lunch time, a group of middle-aged men would get… Read more »