Thank You

I got in my pool about a half hour ago. I’m heading off to New York later today, and it was going to be my last chance to take a swim for a while. I was struggling with a scene in my novel-in-progress, and, admittedly a little frustrated, I decided to change the scenery and see if it helped.

It did, but not in the way I was expecting.

I am dense. Truly. I have so little perspective on my own situation that I often forget who I am, what I have, all of the gifts in my life.

Diving into the crystal clear pool and doing a few laps on a beautiful, hot morning, not a cloud in the sky, I realized something that I realize every once in a while.

That my life is perfect.

I am often too busy being annoyed about the things I do not have. I may be lacking clarity in my writing that day, or annoyed about some small transgression against me, or what it’s going to take to get me the next level in fill in the blank. I am often so focused on these perceived wants that I forget something I know: which is that there is no happiness in wanting more. If and when I want to be happy, I must simply be grateful for what I have.

Which is, by the way, so, so much. Who in their right mind would not be grateful when they have love, a terrific partner, awesome friends, loving and supportive family, a great house, a sweet dog, a private swimming pool, a writing career that is quite obviously moving forward in a hurry? Who in their right mind would not be grateful, heading off on a tour with three massively talented authors, that happens to be named using a play on words on my own novel?

No one. No one in their right mind would lack gratitude with all of these obvious gifts.

But then again, no one ever said I wasn’t crazy. So I guess I just have to accept that I will occasionally forget all that I have to say thank you for. Thank you to my friends, family, husband, to the universe, my idea of a higher power. Thank you, thank you, thank you. And thank you for your patience with me. Hopefully one day I will not be so quick to forget all that I’ve been given.