The (Half) Year of Openly Straight

I get Google Alerts. Every time somebody mentions me online, I get an alert. It’s way narcissistic. It’s like, “Tell me more about me, Google!”

One of my thousands of New Year’s Resolutions for 2014 is to become the opposite of a narcissist. I’m gonna be like Father Teresa, basically, and feed and clothe the poor (in that order with the cute ones), and when I sit at lunch with friends, we’re going to talk only about them. That’s the kind of non-narcissist that I, in my new Father Teresa role, will be.

But seeing as there are still a few hours left in 2013, let me “Me Me Me” another few moments and compile as many of Openly Straight’s kudos from what has been a fantastic year for me (me me), and it (it it).

Starred Reviews: 


Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books

Rave Review from The New York Times

Soon to be released in German!

These are the organizations/blogs/readers who have placed Openly Straight on its/their year-end lists:

Tayshas (Texas Library Association): Top 10 title

YALSA’s Best Fiction for Teens 2014: Nomination

Oregon Young Adult Network: Mock Printz Award Finalist

Rather Be Reading: Top 10 Best Books of 2013 (Rafe Goldberg also wins Most Memorable Character)

The Reading Date: No. 9

Beautiful Chaos: Favorite Book of the Year

Bibliojunkies: Nat’s Favorite of the Year

Me on Books: Underrated Books of the Year

Ami’s Hoard: Top 10 Favorite Reads of the Year

Thanks to every reader, fan, bookseller, reviewer, blogger, librarian, teacher, and friend who has picked up this book, read it, given it to a friend or someone who needs it, hand sold it, recommended it, talked it up… whatever it is you have done, thank you. This has been a truly beautiful year for me, and you have helped make it that way.

Here’s to a happy, healthy, prosperous 2014 for you!