Bill loves hearing from readers and fans and especially people who wish to send him money for no reason. He does not love to hear from people who want him to know he’s won the Danish lottery and if he will just send them his bank account number, they’ll wire him the funds. Anyhow, he promises to answer all emails in person, though it may take a while since he can sometimes be a procrastinator when it comes to electronic correspondence.

To contact Bill Konigsberg, you can email him directly at He’d love to hear from you!

For information on current projects, all subsidiary rights to Openly Straight, Out of the Pocket, or the forthcoming The Porcupine of Truth, Honestly Ben and The Music of What Happens, please contact Linda Epstein, Associate Agent at Emerald City Literary Agency, at

For review copies of any books or to request an interview with Bill about any book-related topic, or for any other publicity-related matters, please contact Amy Goppert at Scholastic, at

For information on school visits, please contact Bill personally at the above email address.

7 Responses to Contact

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  3. Braelyn says:

    Just sent an email! Hope to hear soon!

    • Bill. Bobbby Proulx, here. I am in the middle of Out of the Pocket for the sixth time this year. I cannot put it down. what a a novel! You’ve created a living , breathing human being with Bobby Framingham. His feelings of pressure, love/hate, and abandonment are so relocatable. Thank God Bobby is a flagrant, fop of a gay boy. Trust, me I taught twelve years of public school, and they exist. Thank you forf this tome. Your characters, plot, and writing style are all astounding. In fact, I could see Cameron Mnaghan playing Bobby. If a film is created, I’d hope you would include Bobby’s time in coillege, his sexual experience. ANd, mind yo< I wouldn't reject brief nudity in the locker room/showers, either.
      Great book, Bill
      Bobby Peroulx

  4. Mitchell McCann says:

    Hi, I’ve only read two of your books so far but I have to say I can not wait for more. I feel like a finally have a book series I can recommend to people where I’m not worried about the story steering to an “adults only” section. You make some great stories and I know that there will either be one more openly straight book or possibly 2-3, so I want to suggest something. Have you heard of Kyell Gold? He managed to break his book series in half by giving his main characters chapters instead of entire books. Maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to try and do something similar? It really makes you feel for both characters and see what they think towards every response and I the struggle effects each character individually. Just a suggestion.


    • Mitchell McCann says:

      By break in half I mean let the characters share the same book. It definitely didn’t make the series shorter, I think it made it longer in fact.

      PS: That first a is supposed to be I.

  5. Rick says:

    I just completed both Openly Straight, and Honestly, Ben. Please tell me there will be a third book. I want to know what happened with Ben when he got back to Natick after Spring break…what happened to the relationship with his father. There is so much more to tell about these characters…please don’t let it end. Thank you.

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